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Submitting a Project to the East Subregion

How to submit a project to the East Subregion.

Our goal is to consolidate the project locations and descriptions in GIS, provide a map and possibly a Google Earth layer created from GIS.

We have collected projects (and will continue to do so) in the East Subregion (Contra Costa and Alameda Counties) on maps so proponents can see what other projects are near them and that they might integrate with.

There is a list of projects, a map book, and a current version of a poster map available here. The project number on the list corresponds to the number on the maps.

As of July 2012 you should submit a full project "template" online. You can do this by clicking "Submitting a Project" in the left side bar and following directions there.

Submitting a project to the East Subregion does not guarantee your project will funded nor that it will be included in the Bay Area IRWM Plan. If you want the project in the Bay Area IRWM Plan, you must submit more information. For an idea of what type of information would be requested, you can go to "Submitting a Project" (also in the left sidebar).

Get your project on the East Subregion Map

If you have projects you want on the map, there are three options for submitting a project.

    Projects Already on the Map

    To see what project are already on the map, go to our Map folder

    Project Submittal Contacts

    How to Submit a Project to for the East Subregion Map

    Types of Projects to Submit

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