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Current Status of Things

This provides a brief status of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Update and things happening in the East Subregion.

As of June 2, 2017

East Subregion Meetings

No East Subregion meetings have been scheduled at this time.

Latest Grant Round

Go to the home page for the most recent Bay Area IRWM Planning Group information. To get the most up to date information subscribe to the listserv to receive meeting notices and other pertinent updated information.

Last Communication

The last communication to the East Subregion email list was sent on 6-22-2017 regarding the Contra Costa Watersheds Stormwater Resource Plan. The email is copied below for you reference:

From: Mitch Avalon
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 14:49
To: (redacted)
Cc: (redacted)
Subject: Project Funding!!

Dear County Flood Control District Managers,  

Do you have a stormwater management project that needs funding?
The Contra Costa Clean Water Program is developing the Contra Costa Watersheds Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP); the SWRP will use a watershed-based planning approach to both compile existing stormwater management project concepts as well as develop new project concepts to help meet water quality requirements and provide additional community and environmental benefits. Projects included in the SWRP will be eligible for Proposition 1 Stormwater Grant funds as well as other State funding sources.  Bottom line: You want to make sure your projects are on the SWRP list!

SWRP projects must have a stormwater management component and will ideally provide multiple community and environmental benefits.  Attached is a fact sheet with more information on the SWRP.   Potential benefits could include: water quality, water supply, flood control, environmental benefits, or community benefits related to water or environmental benefits.  From a landscape perspective, potential benefits could include creating and restoring wetlands for riparian habitat, improving in-stream flows, increasing park and recreation lands, increasing urban green space and tree canopy, augmenting recreation opportunities, reducing the heat island effect, and improving air quality. Project examples include: stream restoration, flood control facilities, groundwater recharge, or neighborhood or regional scale green infrastructure, such as sustainable streets projects including bio-retention facilities, or a constructed wetland.  
Please send me information about your planned projects using the attached spreadsheet by July 7, 2017.    
The attached spreadsheet includes an “Instructions” tab, and a “Database” tab.  The “Database” tab should be filled out with your project information.  The “Instructions” tab includes a description of each column header in the database.  For your project(s) to be included in the SWRP project list, please fill out the cells below the “Required” (i.e., orange) column headers in the “Database” tab. Each project should be included on a separate line in the database.  If known, you can also fill out any of the information below the “Optional” (i.e., yellow) column headers.  Many columns include drop down lists you can select from when you click on the cell.
 “Required” information that must be submitted for your project(s) includes: 

  • Project Name
  • Project Jurisdiction
  • Project Location (address, intersection, APN)
  • Facility Type
Please save a version of the spreadsheet and fill out the “Database” tab for all of the planned or potential projects your group would like to submit, and return to me by July 7, 2017. 
Questions about completing the database may also be directed towards Rachel Kraai, the SWRP Project Manager at the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (, or Kelly Havens who is part of the consultant team working on the project (
We appreciate your attention to this request.   Please also note this effort is part of the initial data collection phase of the SWRP planning process, and there will be more opportunities to learn about the process and participate in the future. The project team gave an introductory presentation on the SWRP at the Contra Costa Watershed Forum meeting in May and will be giving regular updates on plan development and opportunities to participate at future Watershed Forum meetings.
Mitch Avalon, Consultant
Contra Costa County Public Works Department
255 Glacier Drive, Martinez, CA, 94553
FILES attached to EMAIL


CCWSWRP Fact Sheet_5.16.17_basic_v2.pdf


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