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East Subregion Project Outreach

Description of the types of project the East Subregion of the Bay Area IRWMP is looking for.

Find out how to submit a project to the East Subregion

Why are we collecting project information?

The purpose is to collect projects in the East Subregion (Contra Costa and Alameda Counties) on a map so proponents can see what projects are near them and that they might integrate with.

The East Subregion wants to collect and consolidate the project locations and descriptions in GIS, provide a map and possibly a Google Earth layer created from GIS.

What types of projects are we looking for?

The projects types we are looking for are as follows (per the Prop 84 / Prop 1E Guidelines):

  • Water supply reliability, water conservation and water use efficiency
  • Stormwater capture, storage, clean-up, treatment, and management
  • Removal of invasive non-native species, the creation and enhancement of wetlands, and the acquisition, protection, and restoration of open space and watershed lands
  • Non-point source pollution reduction, management and monitoring
  • Groundwater recharge and management projects
  • Contaminant and salt removal through reclamation, desalting, and other treatment technologies and conveyance of reclaimed water for distribution to users
  • Water banking, exchange, reclamation and improvement of water quality
  • Planning and implementation of multipurpose flood management programs
  • Watershed protection and management
  • Drinking water treatment and distribution
  • Ecosystem and fisheries restoration and protection

These types of can be funded through State Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Grants which include Proposition 50, Proposition 84, and Proposition 1E. All of these grant program require that IRWM projects must be included in an IRWM Plan to be eligible for funding.

When do you need to submit your project?

As of 10/26/2011, we want the projects as soon as possible . There is a Contra Coast Creek and Watershed Symposium on November 17, 2011. We'd like to have as many projects as possible to put them on our maps we will present at the Symposium.


Also, we are collecting the projects for the Subregion is part of our outreach for greater Bay Area IRWM planning process. The Bay Area IRWM Group is in the process of hiring a consultant to update the plan and the State Department of Water Resources will be announcing their next implementation grant round in the coming months.

Find out how to submit a project to the East Subregion

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