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East Subregion

East Subregion Folder

Outreach Documents and Maps
Outreach documents that show outreach procedures.
East Subregion Meetings
East Subregion Meetings with Agendas and Minutes
East Subregion Home Page
East Subregion Home Page
East Subregion Project Outreach
Description of the types of project the East Subregion of the Bay Area IRWMP is looking for.
Submitting a Project to the East Subregion
How to submit a project to the East Subregion.
Submit Your Projects in Google Earth Format (kmz, kml)
Submit Your Projects by Scan/Fax/Email
Submit Your Projects in GIS Format
East Subregion Project Submittal Contacts
Current Status of Things
This provides a brief status of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Update and things happening in the East Subregion.
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