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FAQs for the 2013 IRWM Plan Template Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm having problems with the online template. Who do I contact?

If you are having problems with online template, you can contact Someone will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Why do I have strange text in "View" mode?

When you paste from Word, extraneous characters also are pasted in. To avoid this either right click and paste plain text if your browser has that option, or first copy/paste from Word to a plain text editor like Note Pad and then copy and paste to the text box on the website.

Why can't I edit in certain text boxes?

Some users have experienced problems using Internet Explorer (IE) in some of the online project template text boxes.We are working on a solution. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to not appear to have this problem. You can download and install one of these browsers to complete the online project template if you have problems with IE.

How much of the Template do I need to complete?

At this point, we are looking at projects for inclusion in the IRWM Plan rather than for inclusion in a grant proposal. All project descriptions received by September 7, 2012 will be reviewed in accordance with the Project Review Process and Project Scoring and Ranking Methodology. With regards to cost-benefit analysis, the online project submittal form only asks that proponents complete Table A from Section 3 of the Excel project form. If you have already done an extensive cost-benefit analysis for your project for an earlier round of funding, you should be in a position to easily complete and receive full points for this Table A section.

As for whether the cost-benefit analysis already prepared for a previous project description will suffice for this review and future rounds of grant funding, please refer to the appropriate draft Round 2 Proposal Solicitation Package.  For Proposition 84 Implementation Grants see Exhibit D on page 43.  For Proposition 1E Stormwater Flood Management Grants see Attachment 8 on page 18.  Remember that these are draft PSPs and that the final versions may be different.  Both draft PSPs may be found on the DWR IRWM website at

What happens to an old project if it has the same name as a new project?

The projects can have the same name. However, to help us understand which is superseded, please change the name of the old project to have “Delete” or “Archive” at the front of it. We will delete that project or put it in an archive folder.

Is there a word limit for any of the fields?

Some fields have word limits. If you go back to the field that you have entered text in, click in the text field and press the “End” key or “Ctrl-End”, you will see if the end of the text is still there. If it is not, I would assume it has been truncated. 

Do I need to submit or publish my project?

No. Though you see the words "Private" or "Submit for publication" or "Published" in the upper right corner next to "State:", you do not need to do anything. At or shortly after midnight on September 7th, the projects will be copied to a special folder where they we be used for review and screening for inclusion in the plan. No harm done if you have changed the State of the project. If after changing the State you can't see the project, it may mean you set the publishing date into the future. Contact if you need help.

I created a project but now the "edit" tab is no longer there. How can I get it back?

In the upper right, you'll see a menu that says "State: Pending Review".  Click that menu open and do "retract".  That will enable edits again.

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