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2013 IRWM Plan

2013 Final Plan
2013 Draft Final Plan
Final 2013 Plan Update documents. These are the Draft Final (before final comments are incorporated) and the Final document.
BAIRWM 2013 Plan Update Flyer
2013 Plan Update
The update of the Bay Area IRWMP is in full swing. This page provides key links for those interested in the update.
Project Templates for 2013 Update
These project templates may not have been screened, reviewed, or scored. This is a temporary holding place for them.
Frequently Asked Questions 2012-06-20
2013 Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions
Stakeholder-based Approach to Developing BAIRWMP
This is for the 2013 Plan update.
Files with instructions on how to input or update the projects.
Collaborative Editing
Workshop #1
DRAFT Project review process 080112.pdf
Project Review Process Schedule
IRWMP Goals and Objectives
Place Holder 2012-08-28 MB
BA IRWMP Project Scoring and Ranking
2013 IRWMP Goals and Objectives
Final Project Review Process
FAQs for the 2013 IRWM Plan Template Form
Active Projects
Master Project List
Table 6-2 Project scores.pdf
Chapter14 Appendices - PUT draft
Active Project List_scored_2012.pdf
Active Project List_scored_2012.xlsm
Excel Version
Public Drafts
Document Actions