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Disadvantaged Communities (DACs)

This page contains information and links related to Disadvantaged Communities.

DWR Mapping Tool

A Link to DWR’s DAC mapping tool can be found halfway down the DWR Resource and Links page under "Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Mapping Tool".

The maps are grouped alphabetically by County. Click the link for your County. The maps can take a while to load. Once loaded, double click on the map to zoom in. Find the "Layers" pull-down menu and turn on the layers you want to see. There are "Places", "Tracts" and "Block Groups". In the Bay Area Region, we will use "Tracts" and/or "Blocks".

DAC Maps for the Bay Area IRWM Subregions 

PDF Maps for the BAIRWM Plan subregions and region have been developed and can be found at the following links:

(Maps uploaded 7/26/2012)

DAC Information

Focus on Disadvantaged Communities 

Serving the water needs of low-income, disadvantaged communities (DACs) is a high priority for the people in the water agencies and non-profit organizations who are developing the Bay Area IRWMP. Water projects serving these communities are able to leverage the following advantages:

  • The normally required 25% cost share may be waived for DAC projects.
  • Eligible projects include both construction projects and studies to identify specific water needs that may lead to a construction project. 

Eligible DAC Projects 

An eligible DAC project needs to serve a DAC community’s ““critical water supply or water quality need.” Example projects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Management of flood flows that threaten the habitability of dwellings
  • Wastewater treatment necessary to abate or prevent surface or groundwater contamination
  • Replacement of failing septic systems with a system that provides for the long-term wastewater treatment needs of the community.

Where are DACs in the Bay Area?

The California Department of Water Resources defines DACs as communities and neighborhoods with an annual median household income (MHI) less than 80 percent of the statewide average (or incomes less than $48,706). To understand where DACs are located in the Bay Area, see the series of DAC-specific maps above. 

How to Learn More

To learn more about the Bay Area IRWMP process, or for assistance with DAC project eligibility determination, contact one of the subregional leads

This information has also been published in an information flier.



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