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Water Supply-Water Quality
Wastewater-Recycled Water
Watershed Management-Habitat Protection & Restoration
Flood Protection & Stormwater Management
Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Stakeholder Workshops
Who is Involved With the Bay Area IRWMP?
What is a General Plan?
Contact Us
Who to contact, how to get email notifications, and how to get a logon to the website.
How is the Region Defined?
Bay Area IRWMP Schedule
Public Workshops
Water Supply & Water Quality TCC
Bay Area Clean Water Agencies
State Coastal Conservancy
IRWMP Grant Program
Bay Area IRWMP Sections
Who is the Bay Area IRWMP Consultant Team?
Bay Area IRWMP Projects
Bay Area Water Agencies Coalition
What are Functional Area Documents?
Local Government Briefings
Integration White Paper
Figure G-1 Structure & IRWMP Devt Process
Figure G-1 Structure IRWMP Devt Process
Bay Area IRWM Sub-Region Contacts
If you wish to be included in discussions and outreach within your sub-region, please contact the lead for your area.
Bay Area IRWM Sub-Region Map
This map is from the BAIRWM Region RAP. It shows which counties are in the North, South, East and West sub-regions of the Bay Area IRWM Plan.
IRWMP Workshop 1
2013 Update Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update.
BAIRWMP Workshop Anouncement
BA IRWMP Workshope #1
IRWMP Workshop #1
BAIRWM Plan Update Workshop
Workshop#1 Notice
Workshop 1 Notice
WS #1
Workshop#1 Notices
Submitting a Project to the Bay Area IRWMP
Project Proponents are invited to submit new and previously proposed projects for Project Screening Committee review and inclusion in the Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.
Proposition 1E - IRWM Stormwater Flood Management Grants
Status of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Proposition 1E Grant Applications
Proposition 84 Projects
Status of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Proposition 84 Grant Applications
Featured Attachments
These attachments are related to the "Featured" box on the home page. Over time some may become obsolete.
Projects Submission - Coming Soon
Editing an Existing IRWMP Project
How to edit or update a project previously submitted and already included in the projects database.
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